June 2, 2014 is engraved in the hearts of Iss & Maud. On his birthday he met the love of his life. They are perfect for each other, sharing the same interests, passion and goofiness. Both of them have an academic background in Marketing Communications and have earned the title “Nerds” when it comes to graphic design. Fitness and healthy food has become a lifestyle. When they are not eating iron they like to travel and enjoy each other’s crazy company.

On January 2016 the couple decided it’s time to move in together. So Maud packed her bags and moved to the city of her loved one – Rotterdam in the Netherlands – where they live in a cozy appartment with an amazing view over Rotterdam’s skyline.

Iss & Maud want to share their beautiful journey with the world. Because, they state, “it would be selfish if we didn’t”. So in the beginning of 2017 they started to share their quite unique lifestyle via photography, writing and filming.

LoveTheContrary was born!