June 29, 2018

What a surprise… as you might know already (from our Instagram and/or YouTube video), Maud arranged the best birthday for me! At that time I had no clue what she arranged for me though. She could work for the CIA without a doubt if you ask me, she’s a pro in organizing things in secret.

The first step of this secret mission was to make sure I was free from work, so she called my manager while she was sitting right next to me 😅. The next step was to make sure I would wake up on time because we had to leave very early. While we were driving to destination unknown I kept guessing where we were going. From driving a sports car on a race track, to shooting a gun at a shooting range (two things that are still not checked off from my bucket list btw). And then we arrived at our destination… the airport! The first thing that came into my mind was skydiving (another one on my list). Even with a packed suitcase in the back of the car I didn’t think it was a holiday, because we already have one planned in three weeks (make sure to read that blog soon). I thought she wanted to push me in the wrong direction but there it was… Maud checked in our suitcase and I was stoked to see we were going to Mallorca!

When you surprise your boyfriend like that, you should make sure he doesn’t know anything. So when it was time to pack our suitcase for our mini break I teamed up with his twin brother to make sure he kept him busy 😋. They went celebrating their birthday, and I was packing our suitcase and secretly hiding it in our car. Iss had absolutely no clue. As you can see in our vlog on Youtube here, this was so much fun!

We arrived in Mallorca and picked up our rental car, ready to go to our hotel in Santa Ponca to check out the room and the pool. We recommend you to take an early flight so you can enjoy the rest of your day at your destination! Another tip: Book your hotel and flights separately, so you have maximum flexibility, and another plus: prices are much lower this way! Of course the surprises weren’t done yet. Iss got a bottle of champagne for his bday when we arrived in our room! A super nice gesture from the staff.

The next three days were filled with driving around the entire island, seeing the most beautiful beaches (recommendation: Es Trenc!), old towns and amazing landscapes. We highly recommend Alcúdia, for its old town with a market every Tuesday, but also for its beach in the modern part of the city! Which is the most beautiful beach of Mallorca by the way .. This place is absolutely gorgeous. But our pictures will show you that 😉.

Another place you must visit is ‘Sa Calobra’. You have to drive for 1.5 hours to get here via a little winding road across the Mallorcan mountains. How much fun is that?! You end up in a ‘cala’, which means creek in Spanish. By walking trough a path including a few caves, you end up on the other side of civilization. This old canyon used to be filled with sea water but is almost empty now. You can walk here for miles and hear your own echo everywhere. The mountains give you the most pretty views! The plus is the little pebble beach with the most clear water. Our YouTube vid says it best! And for funny footage, absolutely check our our stories on IG!

We’ve had such a good time, even though we only had three full days. Mallorca is a famous place for people that want to party, but – as we know now – the island has so much more to offer! Look at our pictures here and scroll down to see our special announcement 🤫 ..

American Tourister Bon Air Spinner White We enjoyed our stay and can’t wait to visit again!

Oh and for you who made it till the end of this blog; we are going to Crete, GREECE soon! See you on the gram! 🤩

Love, Iss & Maud

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