July 6, 2017

Well hello June! We had such a busy month exploring all the possibilities for LoveTheContrary!

We feel so blessed to receive so much love from you guys on Instagram. All the likes, follows and comments mean so much to us! Thank you for your kind words and for following us on our journey.

So, new to this blog is our monthly update. We are going to tell you all the high- and lowlights from every single month. We want to keep you updated on everything we do with words, but most importantly with a lot of pictures!

Starting with Iss’s birthday!

He became an old man this month ?. We celebrated it together at 00:00am that day and the day after with his entire family. We had a few days off together – because as you may know we met on his birthday three years ago – which was so nice! Did you guys knew Iss has a twin brother? They look so much alike! More about that some other time ?. He always wanted a special kind of silver bracelet, so the search began days before his birthday. Luckily I found it without him knowing. It’s pretty isn’t it?

We went to the ‘Foodhallen‘ in Amsterdam for a special kind of icecream: I Scream Waffle. This is so good! If you are in Amsterdam, you should definitely try it. You can choose any kind of icecream in a home made waffle cone with whipped cream and special toppings on top ?!

Maud had a few days off during the month to visit her family and friends a bit more, while I went to work. That means if she’d let me! Life is better together in bed sleeping in .. But sometimes duty calls!

We want to see more of our beautiful city so we are going on little adventures in Rotterdam a few days every month. This picture is taken near Veerhaven, which is an old little harbour near the river ‘Nieuwe Maas’. The houses are really beautiful here. Maybe we should move to this part of Rotterdam ..?

Last, but not least, my man surprised me with 60 roses last weak! They look so pretty and I was so surprised. He does this every once in a while and I can’t get over how sweet it is ☺.

We have a lot planned for July (read, one of the biggest festivals in the world and a big announcement), so stay tuned!

Don’t forget to check our instagram when we spill all our new upcoming exitements ..

Love, Iss and Maud

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