September 7, 2017

Hi guys!

We had such a busy yet lovely August. We are so lucky to have you guys following us every step we take! All the comments, likes and follows, not to mention all of you who have watched our first two vlogs! We are so grateful for it all!

We’ve started our Youtube Channel in the beginning of August and have been blown away by all of your positivity. We are still learning, but we love making videos! We wanted to make a special video so you could get to know us a little bit better. And what is better than a Boyfriend & Girlfriend Tag video? We have asked each other 10 questions about ourselves and our lives together. We wanted to add a little surprise, so the loser had to do the raw union challenge in the end! We had so much fun filming it! Of course we should know all of these questions, but nothing could be further from the truth. Watch our video below and be prepared to laugh ..

We love spending our free time outside, walking through our favorite city in The Netherlands. Veerhaven is a little harbour right in the middle of Rotterdam, but unlike the rest of the city, the buildings here are official monuments and were spared during WOII. The classic look makes you think it was 1910 again. Did you know you can take a waterbus from here? Exactly, it’s a bus that drives over land, and floates in water. A must-do when you are in Rotterdam!

The old ‘Meel Fabriek’ was the largest flour factory in Europe back in the day. Nowadays it’s a remarkable venue for a night out or a meeting. It even has a restaurant! You can watch the sun go down perfectly behind the Rotterdam skyline from here.

We are so busy searching for our new holiday destination. So much to choose from and so little time! Summer in Holland is over now and we are so bummed about it. This was the last warm day in August, but we had a really nice day together at Scheveningen Beach! A vacation is at the top of our bucketlist and we can’t wait to go somewhere warm now! If you have any tips where to go to next, let us know!

Dutch people love this, it’s called ‘friet speciaal’. It is fries with mayo, curry sauce and freshly chopped unions. You can get it literally everywhere. Maybe we should do a vlog about all the weird customs Dutch people have. What do you think?

If you haven’t had a chance to watch any of our videos, click here, it is the official link to our Youtube channel. More videos will follow soon! And of course don’t forget to check out our instagram ?.

Love, Iss & Maud

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