October 9, 2017

Hi guys!

Summer is really over. We are so bummed about it, all the rain! We both love sun, long evenings outside and all the beautiful sunsets from our balcony. But, fall and winter are coming and we are secretly looking forward to buying a Christmas tree and decorating it! Before that, we have a little surprise for you guys, read on to know what it is ?!

As you probably already knew, we can not live without ice cream every once in a while. It is always soooo good! So, of course we had to get some even when the weather wasn’t like it. It was super windy and completely cloudy, but we got our ice cream anyway ..

One of our hobbies is longboarding. Feeling the wind and going so fast is really exciting every single time! The weather in Holland isn’t that good all the time so we don’t use our boards as often as we would like. But when we do, it’s so much fun! Ever tried sitting on your board and trying to go forward while your buddy pushes you? You should try it, laugh attack guaranteed!

Next to longboarding comes another passion of ours, taking little walks outside (of course only when the weather is good ?). Mostly combined with getting ice cream of course .. It brings you peace of mind and takes you away from the busy lifestyle we all have.

Walking takes you places, so Rotterdam City Centre is one of those. There are a lot of old and new bridges in Rotterdam and the give the best city views! Sitting at the quay watching al the boats come by and waiting for the sun to go down. It’s so pretty!

But, home is our favorite place to be, especially when it’s getting colder. Waking up together, breakfast, working out, grocery shopping, it’s all better when you are together!

We promised on Instagram to tell you about our favourite hot drink, so here it is! It’s called Chai Tea Latte and we are sooo hooked on it! It’s basically a really strong spicy black tea with ginger, cinnamon, clove, cardamom and saffron and we always add a little honey. We top it off with warm milk and looottts of foam. It’s so good you should try it some time! Let us know if you want our ‘receipe’ for this!

And about the little surprise we have for you .. We are going to a land far far away within a couple of weeks! ? It’s in Asia, but we won’t tell you which country it is yet! See it for yourself on Instagram the next few weeks ..


Iss & Maud

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