November 10, 2017

Hi guys, it’s been a while since our last blogpost. One month exactly! October started off a little bumpy for us. First Maud got sick with the flu and when she was feeling better Iss turned sick too! We infected each other ?. We didn’t post anything during this time because we couldn’t go outside to make some photos! But, we are currently trying to make it up to you, just wait for it ?.

When you’re sick, drink a lot of water and tea. We prefer, as you may know from our last blog, to drink Chai Tea. All day, every day! So you could’ve guessed it, we drank it too when we were sick!

Time for some good news now! Maud’s birthday was this month and she was spoiled from top to bottom ??! It began with some special phone cases we got from IdealOfSweden to protect our new phones. They have a lot of pretty cases and we chose two marble ones. A white and grey case with gold in it. So beautiful!

They came just in time for Maud’s birthday so the ideal pre-birthday present! If you want a case too, look at and fill in our code LoveTheContary to get your own with 20% off! ?

A special birthday dinner isn’t complete without some fireworks at the end. So, Maud got fireworks for dessert! And she didn’t saw that coming! It really made her day ♥️.

As you probably know, we are in Thailand right now! So we cannot wait to show you all our photos and videos. We are very busy with vlogging and hope you guys are as excited as us to see our third video go live in a few days!

We’ll keep you posted as always!


Iss & Maud

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