January 9, 2018

Well, that went by quickly ..! We started this entire journey exactly one year ago and are so grateful for it all! Because we had so many milestones in 2017, we decided to show you our best 9 posts in 2017 on Instagram and combine them with our most important moments behind the images of 2017! Ready, set go!

9. Elevators are life!

We live in an apartment building, which means, elevators! We only live on the ninth floor, but we actually never take the stairs. Elevators are just too convenient. Especially the mirrors in it. Checking your hair, putting on some last minute lipstick, grabbing for your keys on the bottom of your bag, discovering you closed your blouse the wrong way, or, making elevator selfies! Guess we are not the only ones that think that way about their free elevator time, cuz you guys liked our picture more than 1,6K times!

8. That’s a huge close-up

Tomorrowland, what an adventure that was! Before we met we both visited at least 4 festivals during the summer months, but never went to Tomorrowland. It’s very hard to get tickets! Soooo we had this one on our 2017 bucketlist, getting the tickets and finally go to this huge festival! And we were so lucky when we got out of the queue and were able to buy our long desired tickets! The special box that came in the mail made us fantasize about this day even more and before we knew it, it was July 28, 2017. BEST festival day EVER! You guys were just as excited as we were, cuz you liked our selfie 1,7K times! We also made a video – of course – to share this adventure with you guys and you can find it on our YouTube channel!

7. Spring balcony feels

We moved to our apartment in the beginning of 2016, but hadn’t had the chance to fix our balcony yet. Until this day arrived! We finally bought the lounge we loved so much and made it cozy with all the pillows and wooden details. We were so happy we even bought a rug so we could bring our living room outside ?. We were surprised you guys loved it so much! We even got questions where to buy the lounge! We still love every piece of our balcony and can’t wait for spring to arrive ..

6. Our weekly drive-by’s

We love driving around town in search of new unknown places to discover. That’s just what happened when we drove by this cute spot in Rhoon! It is actually a barn door next to a veterinarian. We love everything black, white and bright, so of course we stopped to take a picture. There is even a little castle across the street from this place. Nostalgic and away from the every day busy life. And, the matching outfits are a must! #couplegoals.

5. Sleeping in the jungle of Thailand

Our first holiday that was not only longer than 14 days, but was to a new continent too! We’ve only been to places in Europe or Africa, but never to Asia. We wanted to go really bad and just thought, let’s go for it now! We didn’t regret anything, well, maybe sleeping in a jungle house without walls a little bit. But this experience is something everyone should have some time in their life. Wildlife doesn’t mind you being there and runs freely during the day and especially night! Mosquitoes, lizzards, squirrels, termites, snakes, big and small ants. We’ve seen it all! So the 1,9K was rewarding, to say the least ?.

4. Favorite drink

We love our Kitchen life during weekends. You can always find us somewhere next to this thing. Either making food, looking for food or eating food. We just love food! We also love tea, and especially this one. Chai Latte with milk foam on top. Soooo good! Also, this picture shows you us being matchy matchy again ..

3. Jungle views

We’ve arrived at the top 3 best of 2017. This almost feels like a tv-show now ?. When your view is that good, you just need to take a picture and post it (of course we won’t tell you which view we like the most in this one ..) We miss our stay here and think you would love it here too! The view at The Hideout – Koh Yao Noi made you like this one 2,100 times! By the way we made an entire video about our stay which you can see here.

2. Thailand breakfasts

The first time we traveled together for so long, the first time to Asia, the first time we saw 10K on Instagram, and also our first breakfast there. We were so happy to eat outside knowing it was sooo cold back home. The people working here were so nice to us, nothing was to much! Actually every single Thai we met was this nice (except for some Thai at Koh Phi Phi, because the tourists keep coming anyway)! It is heartwarming to feel so welcome and accepted and we loved staying at this resort. The BEST!

1. Mornings in our – again – kitchen

The all time number one: our just-out-of-bed-Sunday-funday-lets-make-a-picture-while-we-are-at-it pic! We had no idea you liked this that much! But it gives you a peak into our lives, on a typical Sunday morning. It’s real and we guess that’s the reason this one is #1. Also, it’s the kitchen again and we are about to eat, again .. ? Think we should make more pictures like this one in 2018 .. What ya think? Thank you for the amazing 2,3K on this one ?!

We only started posting in April 2017 and still can not believe you want to follow us around on our life stories and travels! We are so grateful for that. We grew from 0 followers in April to almost 12K at the end of December! We received 73.9K likes from you guys on 62 posts in total. Just wow, actually.

Thank you for your continuous support and we hope to see you around this year! Cheers to all the exiting things coming and to achieving new goals!


Iss & Maud

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