April 18, 2018

We know, we know, you haven’t heard from us in ages! We truly apologize for keeping you waiting for sooo long! We were so busy working (our day jobs in marketing and sales), making some major decisions in our day to day life and for LoveTheContrary as well. More about that soon! As you could see on our Instagram, we’ve been to Amsterdam a week ago and we really want to tell you guys all about it!

Amsterdam is only an hour drive from our home, but we’ve never been there longer than a few hours. We thought it was time for an official meeting with our own capital and started our search for a decent and affordable hotel. It is truly unbelievable how many hotels and apartments Amsterdam has to offer! Not to mention all the prices ? ..

We came across this cute design hotel online and thought this was meant to be! We saw all kinds of places to take pictures so we were sold ?.  Hotel2Stay is next to the train, tram and metro station called ‘Sloterdijk’, which means you are in Amsterdam city center in a few minutes! They have their own parking lot beneath the hotel and the best part: they have a free gym AND sauna! We know pictures say more than a 1000 words so we added them  for you to see all the beauty!

Our stay started with a drive to Amsterdam. A trip with us isn’t complete with food, and with food we mean a lot of food. Bad stuff too. We bought so many sweets, our dentist would cringe! ? Our first day in Amsterdam included making photos in the hotel (have a look at our Instagram to see more) and a trip to the city center in search for – you guessed it – more food. We parked our car (after driving around for 30 minutes to find a parking spot) in a garage. We highly recommend you to just go to a garage and park there when in Amsterdam. Or take public transport, that’s even better! We strolled through the city center and landed at a Chinese restaurant. We ate some fried rice with jummy vegetables and went back to our hotel for the most important part of our day: watch Netflix and eat more candy! ?

We got up early (not), ate breakfast in our beautiful studio (big plus: you have a fridge!) and planned our second day as a sight seeing/photo shooting/filming day in Amsterdam. So, we got back to the city center to a little bridge over the canals we actually saw the day before. We took some pictures here (which you can see on our Instagram verrrry soon) and enjoyed the sunshine! We got so lucky the weather gods were nice to us our entire weekend cuz it’s not naturally to have good weather in Holland. It’s raining a lot here! We continued sight seeing – from our car – and decided it was time to get back to our hotel and change for dinner! Dinner was at Bar Fisk, a fish restaurant and cocktail bar with their own unique feel. We sat at the bar and could see all the steps it took to make us a lovely dinner. And cocktails, not to forget! It’s a shared dining experience which makes it even more fun to just relax, eat together and chat the entire evening. Definitely recommended by us!

We checked out on Sunday, got to the city center again, ate the best pancakes ever at Mook Pancakes and continued our way home. Happy and satisfied with our Amsterdam city trip!

Of course we made a vlog about our first day in Amsterdam, which you can watch by clicking here. And surprise! We made a second one from day 2 in Amsterdam, which will be online saturday at 2pm (GMT+1) ! If you like to go to Hotel2Stay yourself use this link to book your very own studio with 10% off.

We hope you liked this one, and we will be on it from now on! Pinky promise from us.


Iss & Maud

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