August 5, 2018

A very early drive to the airport, a four hour flight and 30 minute bus trip took us to Chersonissos, Crete. And boy what a surprise awaited us there! We walked into an oasis made out of bright colored Moroccan carpets, light matchy tiles, comfy beanbags, beautiful palm trees, a huge cosy sofa with Mexican striped cushions, a bar with flashy lights and all kinds of first class brands, the sounds of a loungy house music tune, white soft sunbeds, wooden modern balconies and stylish grey walls. “Welcome to Cook’s Club!”, the PR lady greeted. Welcome indeed 😍..

The first and probably only thing that pops into your mind when thinking of Chersonissos is party! We wanted to visit Chersonissos to see for ourselves if this lively town in Crete has more to offer than merely a well organized party scene. So we teamed up with Neckermann Reizen and they sent us to Cook’s Club to check out their new hotel! Neckermann takes some burden off your shoulders by arranging the flight, accommodation and transfer between the airport and your hotel, so you are worry free when you travel! You can visit their new brand website here. Of course we rented a car to see the entire island, or at least as much as possible!

Cook’s Club is an adult-only hotel and is perfect for young energetic people that want a luxury holiday in a centrally situated location without paying the jackpot. It offers everything you could think of. Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner at the so-called Cantina where they also offer vegan meals! Of course you can choose between bed and breakfast or half board. Our room gave us a perfect pool view and is accompanied by palm trees and a DJ that spins records the whole day. There is a gym that we of course couldn’t resist to visit with all the needed equipment. And last but not least, this Cook’s Club hotel has a wellness center that consists of an inside pool, a sauna and steaming bath. You can even book a massage! Want to go? Here’s the link: Neckermann Booking Cook’s Club Crete.

Chersonissos has a number of bars, clubs and tons of restaurants. So you can eat your heart out here with your friends! You should think of Greece being a challenge for non-meat eaters like we are, but it all went surprisingly well! Go to the beach walk and get a table at Mc Delly’s, Kahlua or El Greco and dine on the beach with an amazing sunset! We recommend to get an ice cream at Pagotomania, they have these cute cones with al kinds of decoration and the ice cream is home made.

Of course we wanted to visit the rest of the island to see what Crete had to offer. So we rented a car for about €45,- per day with all-in insurance (very important!) and drove around for two days straight! We’ve visited so many amazing places, we wholeheartedly fell in love with Crete! Of course we have some recommendations for you so here is our initerary:

  • Matala: Drive down to the south of the island and visit Matala. There’s an old Greek town at the bottom of the ocean 😲! This place was a hippie spot ones and there are still some traces left. There is an amazing beach, with beautiful limestone cliffs. You can also visit the old pre-historic caves in the cliffs which are made by humans so many years ago! This is about a 1.5 hour drive from Chersonissos.
  • Preveli: After Matala we drove further west to see a palm tree forest right in the middle of some cliffs. We couldn’t believe there was an actual beach with palmtrees here, but there was! And it was ah-mayyy-zing! You have to walk about 500 steps down to arrive on the beach, but that is totally worth it! There is a river which emerges into the sea. You can walk all the way up the forest next to that river and there are palmtrees literally everywhere. You can hear and see all kinds of little animals there too!
  • Agios Nikolaos: This was day number two. We decided to go for a little city trip, so we visited this beautiful pittoresk village on the east-coast of Crete. It sits partially on the ruins of an old town called ‘Lato pros Kamara’! The view here is a real tourist attraction, but well worth it. Agois Nikolaos has three beaches, cute streets with characteristic houses and good restaurants. We recommend the basement of Ano Kato Café on Nik. Plastira 18. We had a really nice crêpe (pancake), got free ice cold water and the view is the best!
  • Tzermiado: Last but not least, we drove further inland and found a gem here. Tzermiado is an old village where senior citizens sell rugs and cloths. It is really quit and the scenery is amazing. Don’t forget about the swallow birds though. They do a kamikaze act on you which is scary in the beginning but so nice to see! We had the best Greek lunch here too. It was at probably the only restaurant here, but tasted amazing.

If you want to see the entire island you probably need 4 days in total and a night stay in the west, but we would highly recommend it!

Wow, you’ve made it all the way down to the end of this blog! We are thrilled you kept on reading, cuz we know, it’s a lot! So to show you how our trip was, we’ve inserted all our pictures down here. If you want to see our vlogs instead of looking at pictures, just click here and here to visit our two YouTube videos! Don’t miss us being idiots 😂. We hope you enjoy Crete just as much as we did! Oh, and check out Maud’s cute jumpsuit! More info on Insta! ♥️

See you next time!


Iss & Maud

Cook’s Club Chersonissos

Chersonissos Town

Crete by car


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