December 30, 2017

We are so sad to tell you about this .. We are home again! Our adventure has come to an end, but we enjoyed every second of it! We love the Thai people, the nature, the simplicity of living, the food and of course all the beautiful locations we were able to stay during our trip! We’ve spend our last days in Khao Lak, did a tour to Similan Islands and spend our last night in Nai Yang Beach, next to Phuket Airport. We went on a hunt for last-minute souvenirs, which ended up being a bit crazy, but what can we say, that’s us .. And now, home sweet home!

After Khao Sok National Park we traveled to Khao Lak. Khao Lak is a little place at the Andaman Sea about 60 Kilometers North of Phuket. It’s the ideal place for departures to the near islands. We decided to do a day tour to Similan Islands. We heard so many good things about the place and really wanted to see it for ourselves. There are a few organizations that offer the trip, and we chose Seastar! We went by speedboat and visited a few islands where we went snorkling and we visited a few amazing beaches. Best thing: the water here is sooo clear, it’s unbelievable! You can literally see all the fishes and coral on the bottom of the ocean! They give you your own flippers and goggles so you can actually dive in and see as much as possible. The only thing we didn’t like where the number of tourists. It is extremely crowdy on every island we’ve seen ?. So, we recommend you to book an overnight trip, because all the other tourists leave at 4pm and you will have the island to yourself!

Our trip continued with a taxi ride to Phuket for our last night stay before our early flight back home. It took us about an hour and costs 1200 Baht, but it was the most easy and fastest way to get to Nai Yang Beach. We only had one day and one night left and planned on making it as useful as possible. So, we wanted to see the ocean and beach, buy some souvenirs for our family back home, use our pretty bath tub ánd take a dive into our hotel pool right from our room. Should be do-able right?

We took a shower when we got into our hotel room, changed outfits and got on our super hip mini bikes so we could get to the beach in style ?. Because we are a bit (read: waaaay) taller than the average Thai, the bikes were to small for us, but like real Dutch people, we went anyway cuz we love to ride bikes ?! After a long beach stroll and taking some pictures we went back to our hotel and took a dive right in to our pool. We didn’t had that much time to stay there, so we got out, took a shower again and got dressed up for some souvenir hunting. We thought there would be enough shops around the hotel, but nothing was less true .. Not ONE! It was 8pm at this point and we didn’t know what to do now. We tried getting a mini van or taxi to a market nearby, but we didn’t know where to go exactly. Sooo our idea was to rent a motorbike (yes, at 9 in the evening) and ride to the famous night markets in Patong Beach. This was an hour away and an hour back .. Eventually we decided to just go for it and make our last night one to remember! We drove carefully and added some extra layers to keep warm just in case, and after a little more than one hour we finally arrived in Patong! We were so happy! We bought our souvenirs, got some Pad Thai and fruit shakes, had a really good time and got back home at 2.30am just in time to catch some sleep before heading home the next morning.

And now, we are back in the cold again. But so happy to see our family and friends! Merry Christmas everyone ♥️.


Iss & Maud

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