April 1, 2017

When you’re near Salzburg, you just have to pay a visit to this miraculous city! The mixture between modern and old pastel colored houses, the Makartsteg bridge, the Mirabel garden, Mozart’s birth house and so on make this city the perfect little break during your snowboarding trip. After all, you are in the neighborhood right?

We started our day early with a visit to Salzburg’s Altstadt. This part of the city dates from the Medieval and Baroque times. The narrow lanes and beautiful little courtyards between the houses showed us how people might have lived here so many years ago. The city has kept it’s old look and we were blown away by it’s beauty. We paid a visit to Mozart Amadeus‘ birth house, where even the old doorbells still works ( yes, we rang them to check it out ?).

After a quick but satifying Chai Tea break at Starbucks – we both never drink coffee and Chai Tea is the best! – we continued our day with a visit to the Makartsteg bridge. Who knew Salzburg had a love lock bridge? We surely didn’t. That’s why we went mouse hunting for a lock in all the nearby souvenir shops. Luckily we found a red one. This little one is now hanging next to his million palls. So if you are in Salzburg and spot our lock, don’t hesitate to send us the picture!

We ended our day at Fortress Hohensalzburg – which means fortress above Salzburg – on top of the Festungsberg hill. The Fortress is more than 900 years old and served as a safe haven for the archbishops. The fortress gives you an astonishing view over the pastel colored city, especially when the sun goes down.

Thank you Salzburg for the warm welcome, we will definitely see you again!

We will keep you posted ♡

Love, Iss & Maud

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